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Sublime + Natura Life Leaf | Non-Alcoholic | Dark




Its regenerating properties contribute to create a cocktail with an intense and distinctive taste characterized by an aftertaste of elderflower.


Yield: 400 ml

Elder white tea 150 ml

SUBLIME Liquid brown sugar 20 ml

SUBLIME Liquorice syrup 5 ml

Mint 5 g

Lime 10 g

Orange 15 g

Club soda 100 ml

Ice cubes 7


1. Make tea infusion.

2. Put  a slice of lime, a wedge of orange and the mint leaves into the glass, press them gently with the muddler.

3. Put the ice.

4. Pour the liquid brown sugar and the liquorice syrup.

5. Pour 150 ml of tea into the glass.

6. Fill the glass with club soda.

7. Mix carefully with the spoon from bottom to top.

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