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Sublime + Natura Life | Non-Alcoholic | Hell




With its sweet, fresh taste, the raspberry gives the cocktail a light, delicate flavour that is beautifully balanced by the freshness of red apple.


Yield:300 ml

10/NL tea- desert tea 100 ml

SUBLIME Elderflower syrup 5 ml

Raspberry 7 g

Red apple 10 g

Soda pop 80 ml

Ice cubes 5

Garnish: Pomegranate seeds 6 g


1. Make tea infusion.

2. Put a wedge of apple and the raspberry into the glass and press them with the muddler.

3. Put the ice into the glass.

4. Add the elderflower syrup.

5. Pour 100 ml of tea into the glass.

6. Fill the glass with the soda pop.

7. Mix carefully with the spoon from bottom to top.

8.Garnish with pomegranate seeds.

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