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Cool Party

Sublime + Natura Life | Alcoholic | Cool Party




Berries, rich in antioxidants, help to burn fat and calories, producing energy for our body.


Yield:350 ml

19/NL tea- berries infusion 150 ml

SUBLIME  Liquid brown sugar 20 ml

Grapefruit 15 g

Lime 10 g

Soda pop 100 ml

Absithe 20 ml

Ice cubes 7


1. Make tea infusion.

2. Put a slice of lime and a wedge of pomegranate and press them with the muddler.

3. Put the ice into the glass.

4. Add the liquid brown sugar.

5. Pour the absithe.

6. Add 150 ml of tea into the glass.

7. Fill the glass with the soda pop.

8. Mix carefully with the spoon from bottom to top.

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