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Sublime Syrup | Non-Alcoholic | Earth




Lemon, basil and rose: the combination of their scents and aromas creates a refreshing and relaxing sensory experience.


Yield:350 ml

SUBLIME Basil syrup 10 ml

SUBLIME Rose syrup 10 ml

SUBLIME Liquid brown syrup 40 ml

Lime 10 g

Lemon 15 g

Soda pop 200 ml

Ice cubes 7

Garnish: Basil


1. Place a slice of lime and two wedges of lemon into the glass and press them with the muddler.

2. Pour the rose syrup, basil syrup and liquid brown sugar.

3. Put the ice into the glass leaving 1 cm from the edge.

4. Pour soda pop over the ice.

5. Mix carefully with the spoon from bottom to top.

6. Garnish with basil leaves.

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